1. How do I delete a fake news story?

To generate an article, just enter the website fakelot.com, choose the gender (Male – Female) in the menu bar, then select an item template and fill in the form with the data of the victim.
The form of data entry is located under each article. If you like an article template, but it’s the wrong gender, enough to open the article in the opposite sex that is located within each model, under the compilation form.

2. Come faccio a cancellare un articolo?

If you are the victim of a joke, and you want to remove the fake news story, let us know through the “Report” page. To correctly report a joke you have to enter the article URL in the provided spaces. Without the latter, the staff will not be able to remove it. Therefore it will not be taken into consideration the reports that do not disclose information to identify the news subject of contention. All requests, such as “Terms and Conditions“, will be taken over by our staff.

3. I don’t like your fake news stories template, can I write my personal article?

Yes. Subject to review by our staff, you can propose a fake news story template. To make the request, just send a message by using the appropriate contact form on the “Contact” page. However, Fakelot’s staff reserves the right to charge only good contents that do not affect the integrity of the website.

4. How do I know who make me the joke?

Fakelot.com, for legal purposes, store all data of those who use the service by publishing fake news stories. Nevertheless, for reasons linked to the protection of privacy of our users, Fakelot.com is not able to reveal the data and the names of those who have generated an article.
If the user has made maliciously use of our service, and undermined the dignity of third parties, by publishing high erotic content and proposing images of minors, Fakelot’s staff reserves the possibility of collaborating with judicial bodies to identify the culprits.