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Lecce – Shocking news today when, in the tube, Italo De Carlo had a violent allergic reaction to a bunch of school kids brainwashed by the Internet, talking about girls and alcohol, and preferring Just Bieber to David Bowie.

De Carlo had a very violent reaction: he started sneezing when he heard the bit of dialogue exchanged by the group, and then his eyes became red. His hands were itching as they were talking about music and women, and his whole body was shaking when they got to the point of the conversation where they were wondering who David Bowie was. At last, he was shaking badly, so he was taken out of the train, and an ambulance was called.

“It almost looked like he was going to have an anaphylactic shock,” said nurse interviewed afterward “I’d say, hoping not to jump to conclusions too quickly, that De Carlo is allergic to idiocy.”

In fact, this is the case. Scientists now are studying this very particular stage of allergy where the level of pain and reaction increase based on how idiotic are the things he hears and looks at.

“He was put in a room with a fashion blogger, and he had a breathing distress for five hours after they talked,” said doctor, fascinated by this case as now De Carlo became a subject of study. “When he had to speak with religion freaks and creationists,” doctor confessed “he developed a skin condition which lasted for days. It’s fascinating! It appears that Italo De Carlo is allergic to idiots”.

De Carlo agreed to be tested as he hopes this allergy can have a cure. Otherwise, he would be condemned to a life of suffering since the world is a crowded place and most of its inhabitants are inept, in other words fully and completely idiots.

Studies will continue on the subject, as scientists struggle to find a cure.


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